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Paul Robinson on Jaws II

Earlier in the month we reported that Paul Robinson, who is a well known American boulderer, sent Jaws II, 5.15a. The video of Robinson’s ascent was just released. It was first climbed in 1998 by Dave Graham at 5.14b, Jaws, as the original line was named, had a few broken holds and was climbed again in 2007 by Vasya Vorotnikov at 5.15a. Jaws II is one of three 5.15s in North America, the other two being Tommy Caldwell’s Flex Luthor at the Fortress of Solitude, Colorado, and Chris Sharma’s Jumbo Love, 5.15b, at California’s Clark Mountain, neither have been repeated.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXiD_ZWywBw[/youtube]