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Paul Robinson Sends 1,000 Problems V11 or Harder

He recently accomplished the feat with a V13

Top American boulderer Paul Robinson has reported that he just sent his 1,000th problem of V11 or harder with Muscle Car High V13. Robinson, 32, has been crushing hard problems for well over a decade and made headlines back in 2010 with his first ascent of Lucid Dreaming V15.

His tally = V11: 410, V12: 287, V13: 192, V14: 90, V15: 21 (many were first ascents). He climbed his first V11 back in 2003, so it took over 16 years to climb the 1,000 problems. The problem that started it all was The Egg in Squamish.

In an interview with planetmountain.com here, Robinson said: “My very first one was The Egg in Squamish. I was around 15 and had seen the video Rampage [watch below], where I believe it was Sharma who climbs the boulder. I was lucky enough to get to go on a trip there with my dad over summer break from school. At 15, I was doing decently well in competitions and outside climbing. I had a few sponsors but nothing really that promising. It was around that time that I really began to learn my body and become a much better climber. Just like any first of the grade, I was ecstatic to have completed it.”

Rampage Film