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Petzl Roc Trip Stage One: Romania

The 2014 Petzl Rock Trip across Eastern Europe started last week. Stage one took place in Romania at Baile Herculane.

Baile Herculane has been reputed for its hot springs since ancient Roman times, as is pointed out on the Petzl website. Hercules’ town has the most limestone cliffs in the country. Along the Cerna valley, there are 21 bolted crags which are easily accessible from Herculane.

The area offers a great example of traditional Romanian life, and climbers will have the privilege of discovering this culture.

For more on stage one of the Petzl Roc Trip in Romania.

The Petzl Roc Trip will have 10 stops (basecamps) along the way from Romania to Turkey: In Romania they stopped in Baile, in Bulgaria they have made three stops, next it is on to bouldering in Macedonia, two stops in Greece and three in Turkey. We will have updates as they become available.

Baile Herculane  Photo Petzl
Baile Herculane Photo Petzl