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Pia Graham Is At The Top Of Her Game

The competitive climbing scene has been producing top-notch climbers for the past few decades. Ontario-based Pia Graham is one of those climbers.

Pia recently won the Tour de Bloc at Altitude climbing gym. “The first time I ever made a Tour de Bloc finals was when I was 13, but I’ve only competed in Tour de Bloc here and there,” said Pia. “I never really thought I was good enough and I’ve never been much of a boulderer until we started training specifically for bouldering this season since the competitive youth format changed.”

Pia started climbing when she was eight years old. Now 18, she has one year left to compete as a Youth and is trying to squeeze in as many comps as she can.

“I got my parents into climbing a few years ago, the love it,” said Pia. “I try to get outside as much as I can, but with the full comp season and school its hard to get out.” When Pia does hit the rock, she prefers the Red River Gorge.

When asked about her plans this year, “I want to go to my last World Youth Championship this year and make semi finals,” said Pia. At her last World Youth Championship she was 0.09 points away from making semis.Β 

“At the Sweat Fest finale at the end of this summer at The Hub, I placed first. This past Tour de Bloc, where I placed first, was the first one I have competed in this season,” said Pia. “This is my last year competing in youth so I’m trying to make the best of it while still competing in both worlds. I’m psyched and feeling strong.”

After graduating from the Youth division, Pia plans on competing in the open circuit and traveling the world to climb.