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Pirmin Bertle Crushing in Germany Up To 5.15b

Pirmin Bertle on a steep 5.14d. Watch below.

Pirmin Bertle has been on a send train in Germany climbing five 5.14ds and a 5.15b, two being first ascents.

He’s been hanging out in Kochel in Werdenfelser Land and has found his groove while being father to two children.

His new 5.15b is called La Cène du lézard, he bolted it in 2012, and he claims it is the hardest route of his life. It took him about 50 days of projecting.

Of his five 5.14d lines, he climbed three in six days: Walk the Plank from Ralf Grabowski at the Rockywand on Fri. 13, the first ascent of Magus Fagus 5.14d/15a, and a send of April Big Hammer 5.14d.

On his blog he wrote, “”Very special, calm spot, pleasant and beautiful. No problems to return there very often. We once met wolves up there and vultures, chamois, marmots, eagles, falcons and lots of flowers. Climbing is just a pretext for having a beautiful life.”

Watch some of his recent many hard sends below.