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Popular Climb Magazine Stops the Presses

It’s the end of an era for Climb magazine as they stop printing their magazine and go online only.

The publishers announced, “After serious consideration, and following over 33 years of production, Greenshires Press Group have made the decision to cease printing a paper version of Climb magazine; the Sept/Oct 2017 edition (issue #140) will be the last edition published.”

New digital Climb

Editor Ian Parnell added, “Of course there is slight feeling of sadness with this week’s issue of Climb being the last one as a paper magazine, but there is a greater feeling of excitement about the new digital Climb.

“It’s going to be a free magazine something that has been talked about by a lot of people, but including the same high quality writing and photography from some of the leading voices in climbing.

“Climbing is covered on the internet with such a blur of news flashes and click bait headlines that it is hard to take in everything day by day.

“The new Digital Climb will be a place to take a breath and be able to look deeper into some of climbing’s great stories, and take stock and consider different aspects of the climbing life.”

The announcement comes a few months after American-base DPM (Dead Point Magazine) closed their doors.

New digital Climb

The new digital Climb will be available on Google Play and iTunes with the first edition online on Oct. 1.

A number of the older issues of Climb will be available to download. Subscribers who paid for print issues will be refunded or given the chance to donate to Climbers Against Cancer.