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Possible New April Rockies Ice Climb is Last Harvest WI3/4

Ice climbs in the Canadian Rockies can hang around until mid-May with the right conditions

The ice climbing season in the Canadian Rockies isn’t over yet, and with a few days of sub-zero temperatures and a lot more snow, it will be here for at least a few more weeks.

On April 20, Merrick Montemurro, Paul Taylor and Sebastian Taborszky crossed Hector Lake in hopes of climbing the famous Orion Falls, a 150-metre WI5+. The trio bailed due to conditions, but bagged the likely first ascent of a flow across from Orion.

They called their new 110-metre WI3/4 Last Harvest. “Alone the route perhaps doesn’t warrant a post, but the overall area is worthy of recommendation,” reported Montemurro. “I think similar in character to Bath Creek, with a simpler ski in and more conducive to dragging a sled, but remote and awesome setting.”

The other routes in the area are Cassiopeia WI4+ 45m, Senior Project WI5+ 120m and March ou Creve WI4 150m. For a review of the ice climbing season, visit here. Follow Montemurro for Rockies ice and rock action below.

Topo by Montemurro