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Post Flood Trail Work

A number of people are putting down the rope and picking up a shovel to help in the rebuilding efforts of trails leading to some of Canada's best crags

Climbers in Canmore have put down the rope and picked up a shovel. The recent floods in the Rockies left approach trails in ruins. Echo Canyon, Acephale and the Ghost River Valley were the hardest hit. Trail building and maintenance can require days, even weeks, of effort. In the Rockies they traverse mountain sides, climb switchbacks, use bridges and fixed ropes.

In Alberta the Climbing Access Society of Alberta (CASA) and The Association of Bow Valley Rock Climbers (TABVAR) have teamed up to help rebuild trails from the recent damage. The access organizations have purchased tools and are organizing times and locations for people to meet.

From all climbers who use the trails we want to send a big thank you to those donating the hours and sweat to fix our approach trails.

Check here for updates and information.



Bottom of the Big Hill entering the Ghost River Valley  Photo Mark Lindenbach

The Ghost where backcountry roads have been wiped out.   Photo  Calum Neff

Crowbar Wall in Cougar Creek. Large boulders were removed from the canyon during the flood, including the ones at the base of this wall Photo Rafal Andrownoski

This was the trail to the Lookout in Echo Canyon. The flood destroyed 80 per cent of it  Photo Greg Tos

Tools purchased by CASA for trail work   Photo Greg Tos