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Powerlifter Climbs Europe’s Highest Mountain Carrying Barbell!

Russian powerlifter Andrey Rodichev recently became the first person to climb Mount Elbrus 5,642 metres, Europe’s highest peak, carrying a barbell.

The barbell weighed 75 kilograms, which is a heavy load to be pushing around in your local gym, let alone climbing a mountain with it on your shoulders.

He trained twice a day, every day of the week to prepare for the grunt ascent. In the morning, he would run for nearly two hours with 10 kilograms on his back. In the evenings, he would train at the gym.

Andrey Rodichev working his way up Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak.

Mount Elbrus is not a technical climb and many climbers have carried climbing packs up to the summit, but those packs weigh about 20 kilograms.

Why did Rodichev do this? To raise awareness about powerlifting in his hometown of Mumansk.

“The federation has no professional equipment for competition and training,” Rodichev said.

Alexey Rubichev halfway into his eight-day climb of Mount Elbrus.

“A professional 480 kg. barbell cost 500,000 rubles ($7,650), but the city and regional administration has no money, ever. I want to do this to draw attention to the Powerlifting Federation in Murmansk region.”

The bar he carried was 20 kilograms and he loaded on two 25-kilogram plates. He moved about 50 metres per hour. The total climb took eight days and he was accompanied by his alpinist and professional trainer, Alexander Sukharev.

Rodichev on the summit of Mount Elbrus after his eight-day climb.

Rodichev left his barbell on the summit and the climb will be released on video next month. Rodichev said he wants someone to beat his record and is willing to assist them.