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Psicobloc is New Online Canadian Gear Shop

Started by Psicobloc Open Series founder Ulric Rousseau

Psicobloc Gear Shop is hoping to find its footing in Canada and U.S.A.’s climbing world by offering some equipment that climbers can’t find at other retailers.

The shop is owned by Ulric Rousseau, the founder of the The North Face Psicobloc Open Series in Quebec. It will carry brands such as 8BPlus, Agrest, Ash Climbing, Crimp Oil, Faza, Heartbeat, Ocun, Snap, Moon and more. Visit the site here.

Rousseau has been climbing for around three decades, having pulled off one of Quebec’s most coveted FA’s in the mid 1990s. He spent over a decade on the road, supported by the small sponsor donations he was able to get, and climbing full time.

After seeing the first Psicocomp in Salt Lake City in 2013, he knew that he wanted to create a deep water soloing comp in Canada. It was important for him to create a climbing competition where almost anyone can participate. As of 2016, he invested all his time and energy to create the Psicobloc Open Series and make it what it is today.

Psicobloc Gear Shop