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Quebec Ice Climbing Competition Winners

Caro Ouellet and Mathieu Maynadier took home gold medals in the difficulty category

Festiglace took place over the weekend, as one of the last of the major ice climbing festivals in North America this year. Climbers and brands from around North America gathered in Pont Rouge from Feb. 17 to 19.

The enduro, speed and difficulty competitions took place with around 30 climbers competing. In difficulty and enduro, Caro Ouellet was the only woman competing and walked away with gold. For men, in difficulty Mathieu Maynadier from France won and in enduro, Dzao Plamondon from Canada won. In speed, Mohsen Beheshtirad from Iran took home gold. And in the amateur competition, Gezu Plamondon won for the men and Renée-Pier Huard won for women. For a full list of results visit here.

Festiglace was once the biggest ice event in the world, and in 2008 some of the best climbers at the time made the trip for the weekend-long fest. Watch highlights from that year below. The Nipigon Ice Festival takes place next weekend in northern Ontario.

Festiglace 2008