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Remote Patagonia Summit Climbed for First Time

Five climbers spent more than three weeks executing a plan that was years in the making

On a 25-day expedition through along the glaciers and valleys of northern Patagonian, Felipe Cancino, Riley Rice, Frank Preston, Scarlett Graham and Mitchell Harter made the first ascent of a 2,700-metre peak.

“On Dec. 19, we were able to make the first ascent of the ‘unseen mountain’ – as I call it – exploring one of the most remote and least visited areas of the northern icefield,” said Cancino. “We came back with happiness and joy after 25 days of expedition and with many experiences that marked our way to the summit and back home.” Little else was made public about the route’s technical information.

Cancino said that he put years into planning the expedition to summit the remote peak, of which there are more that have yet to be climbed. The 4,200 square-kilometre icefield is the second largest continuous mass of ice outside of the polar regions.

Expedition Footage

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