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Rescued Person Had Leg Trapped in Rock

The person was yelling for help for nearly two hours. Rescuers remind people to always have a charged communication device

A 20-year-old woman was rescued over the weekend after her leg got stuck while climbing in Pinnacle Peak Park, Arizona. She told the rescuers that she was “free climbing by herself when her leg got twisted between two large boulders.”

It took two hours of yelling for help. “Finally another hiker heard her cries for help and called 911,” the fire department said. Rescuers from the Scottsdale and Phoenix fire departments found the woman with “her leg wedged between two large boulders.” The rescue crew freed the woman and carried her out on a stretcher.

Before being taken to a hospital for “non-life threatening injuries,” she was treated for dehydration. After the incident, the fire department recommended that hikers should do so “with a buddy.”

Hikers and climbers getting their legs and arms stuck is nothing new. To read about five times climbers got their knees stuck in rock see here.