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Results for Record Setting Youth Comp in Ontario

The Ontario Climbing Federation (OCF) Youth Comp took place at The Hub on Saturday, Nov 21.

It was the largest youth comp in the history of Canadian competitions. Nearly 200 young climbers registered and took part in the big event.

In a press release after the event, the OCF said, “The OCF would like to give a shout out and a big thank you to the Hub climbing gym for hosting the biggest youth competition in Canadian history with 185 competitors.

“Thank you to the Hub for hosting the event and to head route setters Shaun Hunter and Matt Chapman for the fun and challenging problems.

“Please remember that these competitions are organized and run by volunteers. The more volunteers we have for each event, the easier it is on everyone and the better the event for our climbers. Please consider volunteering to help when you register your climber(s) for Provincials. The OCF provides the training to ensure everyone is well prepared to assist.”

Here is a list of the category winners. For full results, visit here, and to see dozens of excellent photos from the event by Elena Zaralieva, visit here.

Riley Galloway who placed second in Youth C Girls. Photo Elena Zaralieva
Riley Galloway who placed second in Youth C Girls. Photo Elena Zaralieva

Category Winners

Junior Boys: Lucas Uchida
Junior Girls: Beth Vince
Youth A Boys: Dylan Saffery
Youth A Girls: Bronwen Karnis
Youth B Boys: Mitchell Haight
Youth B Girls: Madison Fischer
Youth C Boys: Own Gambling
Youth C Girls: Indiana Chapmans
Youth D Boys: Ian Tan
Youth D Girls: Lucille McBurney

The next OCF competition will be the Ontario Provincials at Boulderz in Etobicoke on December 12 and 13.