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Results from 8a.nu Rock Climbing Hero Survey

Over the past few weeks, the website 8a.nu conducted a survey asking readers to select their rock climbing heroes.

Over 15,000 online votes were made in the survey and the two most popular climbing heroes were Lynn Hill and Chris Sharma.

For the women, boulderers tend to be the most popular. For the men, climbers known for their difficult route sends are at the top of the list.

Ashima bouldering in Magic Wood. Photo by Rainer Eder.
Ashima Shiraishi bouldering in Magic Wood. Photo by Rainer Eder.

Female Climbing Heroes

23% Lynn Hill
10% Alex Puccio, Ashima Shiraishi
07% Anna Stöhr, Nina Caprez, Josune Bereziartu
05% Jain Kim, Shauna Coxsey, Sasha Digulian
04% Mina Markovic, Angela Eiter, Juliane Wurm, Janja Garnbret
02% Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, Allizee Dufraisse, Muriel Sarkany

Male Climbing Heroes

13 % Chris Sharma
12 % Adam Ondra
9 % Wolfgang Gülich
7 % Fred Nicole, Dave Graham
6 % Tommy Caldwell
5 % Nalle Hukkataival, Alex Megos, Alex Huber, Dani Andrada, Alex Honnold, Jimmy Webb
3 % Daniel Woods, Yuji Hirayama, Jan Hojer, Sean McColl

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