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Results From CEC Bouldering Competition at The Hive

The first CEC Bouldering National Series event took place at The Hive North Shore in Vancouver on Dec. 6.

CEC National Series Comp at The Hive
CEC National Series Comp at The Hive

It was the first competition to be held at the new gym, which is nicely laid out to host such comps. Over 100 strong climbers took to the walls in hopes of making podium. The Hive North Shore’s post-comp statement read, “Congrats to our HiveCEC winners and all the day’s competitors. Everyone brought their A-game and made the first sanctioned comp on the North Shore an amazing event. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support to these incredible athletes.”

Open Female Results
1. Tiffany Melius
2. Jelisa Dunbar
3. Alannah Yip
4. Stacey Weldon
5. Sophie Buitendyk
6. Alyssa Weber

Open Male Results
1. Alex Fritz
2. Eric Sethna
3. Jesse Taplin
4. Marc Eveleigh
5. Dominic Burns
6. Kin Wah Lai

Youth D Female: Teagen Chow
Youth D Male: Connor Jones
Youth C Female: Sonya Colliander
Youth D Male: Brennan Doyle
Youth B Female: Jani Zoraj
Youth B Male: Guy McNamee
Experienced Female: Aiko Rudel
Experienced Male: Ryley Scott
Rec. Female: Gillian Spencer
Rec. Male: Adrian Kask
Masters Female: Trisha Jamieson
Master Male: Martin Roos

For full results, visit here, and for photos visit The Hive North Shore on Instagram here. Next weekend are Provincial comps in Alberta and Ontario.