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Results From Ontario Open National Series Comp

On Jan. 30, the first Ontario Open National Series Event took place at True North Climbing in Toronto.

Some of Ontario’s strongest comp climbers made the trip to True North for the first Provincial comp of the season. For the women, Elise Sethna took home first place, followed by Beth Vince and Pia Graham. Watch Graham in qualifiers below.

For the men, a number of veteran competitors made an appearance, including Aaron Eden and Ayo Sopeju. Finals results below, for full results visit here and for photos visit here. Watch Sopeju stick a big dyno in finals below.

Open Female / Male Results

1. Elise Sethna / Nathan Smith
2. Beth Vince / Andre DiFelice
3. Pia Graham / Ayo Sopeju
4. Lia Wieckowski / Lucas Uchida
5. Alex Kuusela / Jake Tiger
6. Celeste Wall / Will Johnson
7. Olivia Wyett / Timothy Ng
8. Samantha Li / Aaron Eden