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Rock Climber Who Died Near Leavenworth Identified

Jared Friz was lead climbing a trad line when he fell, and his gear pulled

A 27-year-old rock climber died just over a week ago after a fall at Bruce’s Boulder outside Leavenworth. The climber was identified as Jared R. Friz of Denton, Texas, according to Chelan County Coroner Wayne Harris. Friz fell over 10 metres after his gear pulled.

Cpl. Lee Risdon with the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office said the accident happened “after anchors attached to the rock dislodged.” The anchors at Bruce’s Boulder are all fixed, but Risdon was referring to trad gear placed on lead. It’s unknown whether Friz was wearing a helmet.

“Friz was setting his own anchors into the rock as he climbed, and another climber was belaying him from below. Friz was attempting to set an anchor when he fell, which caused the previously set anchors to come loose, and he dropped to the ground and hit his head.”

Other climbers at the boulder performed CPR as they waited for first responders, but he was ultimately pronounced dead. The fall was reported about 7 p.m. a few kilometres southwest of Leavenworth. Bruce’s Boulder is a popular area with climbers on Icicle Road, with often-climbed routes including 5.4 Corner, 5.11 Face and 5.9 Arete (the grades are part of the names).

Risdon said Friz was with friends from college who were experienced climbers. A GoFundMe to help with funeral costs has raised more than $25,000. Visit the donation page here. Below is a photo from a climber not related to the accident posted in April, which gives you a good idea of the crag. Our condolences to Friz’s family and friends.