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Rocket Man Climbed

The European climbing team have been sending some of the Rockies hardest and biggest mixed routes

Nick Bullock and Greg Boswell are making the most of their visit to the Rockies. Having climbed The Maul on The Wedge, Man Yoga on the Stanley Headwall, it seems they are just getting warmed up. The dynamic Euro-duo recently sent Rocket Man,  a 350-metre, grade VI, M7+, WI5+, on Mount Paterson. The route has only a handful of ascents.

From Boswell’s blog: A spectacular route, in a high energy environment! Rocket Man is the series of smears and drips weeping down the steep cliff to the right of Snowbird Glacier on Mount Patterson. Nine pitches of climbing make this the longest waterfall-style mixed route in the Rockies. Many hazards lurk below and above this route: active glaciers that spew debris threatening the approach.

Boswell on the M7 pitch three   Photo Nick Bullock
Boswell on the M7 pitch three Photo Nick Bullock
Rocket Man  Photo Greg Boswell
Rocket Man Photo Greg Boswell

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