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Rockfall Off Sheriff’s Badge in Squamish

Hopefully this will be the last significant rockfall off The Chief this year

The Chief has been the scene of a number of rockfalls over the past few year, and while the most recent this week isn’t the biggest, it was still significant. It fell from the right side of Sheriff’s Badge.

The Squamish Access Society posted a story on their Instagram showing a photo of where the rockfall came from. The area is near to where a large rock fell in 2021, a year of many rockfalls above Squamish. Watch the 2021 video below.

Also in 2021, a piece of rock fell off from above the classic Genus Loci and impacted Merci Me on the Grand Wall. Then in July, rockfall destroyed a number of pitches of the Black Dyke route, and toppled dozens of 30-metre-tall trees. In September, a massive rockfall took place in the North Walls, watch the video below. And another rockfall also took place on Slhanay.

For a complete history on the Sheriff’s Badge by Kieran Brownie visit here.

From Squamish Access Society

2021 Rockfall

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