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Rocklands Bouldering at Risk Due to Covid-19

The popular winter destination is being hit hard during the global pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic in South Africa has put the farms in Rocklands under great financial pressure and the very real possibility of the farmers and farm workers losing their land and their jobs. This will lead to the end of Rocklands bouldering.

Climbers traveling to Rocklands is a major economic boost for the area and many international climbers have been forced to cancel their trips for the 2020 season. This has put the farms in a very difficult financial position.

Through donating, you will be able to contribute to the survival of Rocklands as well as the livelihood of the many farmworkers and their families that these farms employ. Save Rocklands is striving for the survival of these farms and continued access to the bouldering areas. “We are humbly asking you for your generosity to ensure that the climbing paradise so many people around the world call home, will be accessible so that future climbers can experience this beloved place.” Visit here to learn more and to donate.

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I know we’re all reeling financially and otherwise under the current circumstances. But, let’s not let that allow us to turn a blind eye to our friends in Rocklands that are treading water without the life jackets and buoys that many of us in Europe and North America have at least been afforded. With so few of us traveling this year, they don’t have a beacon in sight. The Cedarberg locals over the years have opened up their land and businesses to serve climbing, and they’ve always advocated on climbers’ behalf and made climbing more accessible and enjoyable. If you’ve visited Rocklands and you think you gave it more than it gave you, please call me out. I first ventured there in 2006, and every further trip I made there, it left me feeling better than I felt before and left me with more than I deserved. Which is I why, even if this hasn’t been my best year, I’ll still give a little to this cause that young up and coming SA climber, David Naude, @davidnaude123 has started. If you’ve been to Rocklands or if you dream one day of going, please consider giving something, link in my bio. 🙏

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