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Roctrip is Now Croatia’s Hardest Multi-Pitch at 5.14c

Kleman Becan on Roctrip 5.14c in Croatia / watch below

Klemen Becan has made the first ascent of Roctrip, a 220-metre 5.14c in Drasnice, Croatia.

The big multi-pitch climb is all bolted and is now considered the most difficult multi-pitch in the country.

According to planetmountain.com, Becan, 35, bolted it in 2014 and it follow tufas for five pitches, which two being 5.14+.

Becan has climbed 5.15 before, including Chris Sharma’s Papichulo and the first ascent of Joe Mama.

About his biggest climbing successes, he told Rock & Ice, “My biggest success is I’m still climbing after 25 years and I’m even more psyched than in the beginning. It’s cool I can climb anything from boulders, routes, multipitch climbs, ice, trees And I like it all. I’m also proud of my competition career and the onsight ascents I’ve done, especially first ascents.

?But here the story will not stop. For a long time I want to onsight 9a [5.14d]. I’ve been close a few times and hopefully one day I will get to this main goal. And yeah, 9b [5.15b] or something harder would be also cool to do.”

Watch Becan on Roctrip’s first pitch below.