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Roetzel and his Icy Solo Link-Up

David Roetzel  of Colorado soloed 15 pitches of mixed ice and rock terrain in one day. He climbed nearly 300 metres of climbing as difficult as WI5 in East Vail, Colorado. 

Taking advantage of the soft spring ice, Roetzel put his 10-year plan into action which culminated with The Fang. A confident M11, WI6 climber, he linked the routes with over 15 kilometres of hiking, he carried a 65 m semi-static 7 mm rope to rappel.

During early March 2014, Dani Arnold soloed the 380 m, WI6 Cry Baby in Switzerland in only 27 minutes.

On March 28, 2004, Will Gadd and Raphael Slawinski linked Polar Circus WI5, 500m, Athabasca North Face III, and Directissima, 5.8, 300 m, on Yamnuska, in only 20 hours, see here for more details.

In the order of ascent:

1. The Pumphouse 30 m WI4

2. The Designator 30 m WI4+

3. The Fang 40 m WI5

4. The 7th Tentacle 30 m M7 WI5

5. Secret Probation 17 m  M7 WI5

6. The Pencil 17 m  WI4

7. The Eraser 15 m WI4

8. Spiral Staircase 30 m WI4

9. Slabbutt 11 m WI4

10. Pitkin Falls 22 m WI4

11. Firehouse: West of the West 22 m WI4

12. Firehouse: East of the West 20 m WI3+

13. Firehouse: East of the East 20 m WI4+

14. Firehouse: West of the East 17 m WI3+

15. The Secret Cicle 20 m WI5


Dan Dalton on The Fang Photo  Scott Borger
Dan Dalton on The Fang Photo Scott Borger

Source: Summit Post, R & I

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