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Ross Edgley Swims Around Britain in 157 Days

Ross Edgley, 33, from Grantham has become the first person to swim 2,864 kilometres around Great Britain.

He was joined by 300 swimmers on the final day before he arrived in Margate, he swam 12 hours a day for 157 days and set a number of records.

He had to deal with big storms, jellyfish, cold temperatures and strong tides and currents. The salt water took a toll on his body, but he stuck it our week after week.

Edgley set a new record 74 days in for the longest staged sea swim, according to the World Open Water Swimming Association.

Edgley holds world records for doing a marathon while pulling a car and for roped-climbing the height of Everest in 19 hours, although that last one seems disputable.

Edgley ate over 500 bananas and consumed at least half a million calories, he ate the same number of calories found in five Christmas dinners.

#GreatBritishSwim COMPLETED

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