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Rustam Gelmanov Sends Colorado V16

Rustom Gemanov has made the second ascent of Daniel Woods’ hard problem in Rocky Mountain National Park called Hypnotized Minds V16. The first ascent was in 2010 on the Veritas Boulder. After the send, Woods wrote on 8a.nu, ‘Just to clarify I have upgraded Hypno to 8C+ [V16]… Hypno went relatively fast for me (8-10 days) spread across spring and fall season, so I assumed it was 8C.

Hypno is the epitome of my style in climbing and still took a bit to figure out. Last week I repeated it from three moves in (first couple moves are not hard) and felt like it was still harder than anything I’ve climbed so far in that style. Dave and Paul are psyched on it and have told me they think it feels 8C+ as well.”

Sanuk Exclusive: Daniel Woods Conquers "Hypnotized Minds, 8C" from Sanük Footwear on Vimeo.