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Sachi Amma Sends Jungle Boogie 5.15

Sachi Amma has sent his summer 5.15 project in Ceuse, France.

Amma announced today on his Instagram, “I sent Jungle Boogie [5.15a], I still cannot believe it happened. I had one last chance, it was a miracle. Tomorrow I’m going to Germany.”

sachi amma jungle boogie
Sachi Amma on Jungle Boogie 5.15a in Ceuse. Photo Luka Fonda @lukafonda

Amma attempted Jungle Boogie in July and was close to sending the difficult route. Watch a video of his attempts below.

The route was first climbed by Adam Ondra on June 7, 2012, after three days of effort. He was first put on to the project by crusher Arnaud Petit in 2010. The route was a project of Sylvain Millet and later Enzo Oddo.

“Your fingers are always in the crimping position, and your forearms get sore very fast without any warning,” said Ondra. “But, I really love this style of climbing because you don’t get bored climbing the easy section at the bottom.”

Jungle Boogie climbs a steep wall left of the Realization 5.15a area, a sector known for its power-endurance routes.

“You must climb Jungle Boogie with full commitment from the ground,” Ondra said.

Amma is a two-time Japanese world champion with a number of 5.15s under his belt, including Fight or Flight 5.15b, Power Inverter 5.15a and Catxasa 5.15a.

Time To Boogie [Trailer] from Stripe Visuals on Vimeo.