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Sachi Amma Sends Stoking the Fire 5.15b in Spain

Sachi Amma has climbed Stoking the Fire 5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain, for the route’s third ascent. First climbed by Chris Sharma, it had been repeated by Adam Ondra and Jakob Schubert.

Amma is no stranger to 5.15 sport routes, as he’s climbed a number over the years. In 2015, the two-time World Cup lead champion made the second ascent of Tinipi 5.15a on Borneo’s Mount Kinabalu, first climbed by Daniel Woods. Unfortunately, one week after Amma climbed the route, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake toppled the Donkey Ears formation, taking Tinipi with it.

Tinipi was not Amma’s first 5.15, as he’d already climbed Biographie 5.15a in Ceüse, and Fight or Flight 5.15b in Oliana, Spain. In February of 2015, he sent Catxasa 5.15a in Santa Linya, Spain, on his fourth attempt. He’d also sent two V15s by then with Hydrangea and Babel, in a single day. See below for all of Amma’s 5.15 climbs.

I sent Stoking the fire yesterday! Since my last trip to this massive cave last December, this route was burning in me. I trained for 3 month because I wasn’t training my physical for long time. It worked pretty well on the route. But after twice heartbreaking fall on the middle part, I noticed I am not prepared for this super long steep wall. I continued to adapt and adjusting in the route. And finally it happened! ついに昨日、Stoking the fire を完登しました!昨年末のサンタリーニャツアーからこのルートはずっと僕の中で燃え続けていました。それから約3ヶ月間ずっと離れていたフィジカルトレーニングにも励み、このツアーを迎えました。その成果あり、最も難しいパートは2度越えるものの、その後のセクションで心折れるフォール。自分の肉体がこの巨大なケイブを登る準備が整っていないことに気づきました。しかしルートへの順応と細かな調整を繰り返し、ついに完登が訪れました! Thanks a lot for find out and all the developing @chris_sharma Thanks a lot for support @climbparkbasecamp @hide9a2019 @kayaowl @ciaoandreacossu Sponsors @petzl_official @adidasterrex @fiveten_official Photo by @jon_cardwell

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Amma’s 5.15 Sends

Stoking the Fire 5.15b
Fight or Flight 5.15b
Soul Mate 5.15b first ascent
Biographie 5.15a
Catxasa 5.15a
Jungle Boogie 5.15a
La Rambla 5.15a
Pachamama 5.15a
Papichulo 5.15a
Power Inverter 5.15a
Rise 5.15a first ascent
Selección Anal 5.15a
Thor’s Hammer 5.15a
Tinipi 5.15a

Day in the Life of Sachi Amma

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