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Sarah Hueniken Sends All Haffner Cave Routes in a Day

The top winter climber ticked these grades in one session: M8+, M10, M11+, M12, M10 and M7

Photo by: Forest Woodward of Sarah Hueniken on Caveman M10

Sarah Hueniken, 46, has been one of Canada’s leading winter climbers since she ticked her first M11 nearly a decade ago. Since then, she’s gone on to become the first North American woman to send M11, M12, M13 and M14.

In 2015, she made the fourth ascent of The Mustang P-51 M14- in The Fang Amphitheater, East Vail, Colorado. She’s established first ascents around the world, from the unclimbed Schacun via a 5.10+ M5 up the 4,500-metre peak in Western China to the ice routes Perseverance and La Vagane in Iceland and Gurrls Day Off WI5 in Canada.

In February 2020, she linked three big routes in the Ghost River Valley in a day: Cryophobia M8+, Nophobia M10+ and Hydrophobia (except the final pitch due to a burst ice dam) WI5/6 in a day. Read about it here.

So, it’s no surprise that she’s taken Rockies mixed climbing to the next level once again with sends of all difficult Haffner Cave (aka Hoar Cave) routes in a day. The climbs include: Dick Jones M7, Caveman M10-, Piltdown Man M12, Neolithic M11+, Fire Roasted M10+ and Homoerectus M8+.

Watch Hueniken on Musashi M12 below.

Musashi M12


Lead photo: Forest Woodward of Sarah Hueniken on Caveman M10