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Sarah Hueniken Sets Standard With M14 Send

Canadian climber and alpine guide Sarah Hueniken has become the first North American woman to climb M14.

On Dec. 7, Hueniken made the fourth ascent Will Mayo’s testpiece at Vail called The Mustang P-51, which Will Gadd made the third ascent of the previous day.

Hueniken’s was the first female ascent of the route. The second ascent was by Kwon Young-Hye last December.

In spring 2014, Hueniken sent Steel Kaon M13+ at the Ciniplex in the Rockies. This past spring, she sent StrattoFortress M13 in Colorado.

Two weeks ago, Katie Bono became the first woman from the U.S. to send M13 with her send of The Lightning, also at Vail.

The first woman to send M14 was Lucie Hrozova of the Czech Republic when she climbed Ironman in Eptingen, Switzerland.

Gadd reported Hueniken’s send on his Instagram, see here for more.