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Scotland’s Hardest Winter Climb is Now Bring da Ruckus

Greg Boswell just established a bold route at the grade of XII 13. Watch him pull through a big roof

Greg Boswell has made the first ascent of Bring da Ruckus at Lochnagar, Scotland. He graded it XII 13, which is the most sever grade any climb in Scotland has ever been assigned making it the hardest two-pitch winter route the country.

Boswell, who we spoke to in December about his extraordinary season, climbed the two-pitch route ground-up in a day. The huge roof required committing moves that could result in a massive fall. Watch Boswell cut loose below.

Boswell was joined by Hamish Frost and Jamie Skelton on Bring da Ruckus, which required three goes through the roof. He fell and lowered on his first two tries before climbing through the roof in hopes there would be features to climb and cracks for protection.

After his send, Boswell said, “Climbing the route ground up and swinging through the roof on blind, scrittley pick placements, not knowing remotely what was above was a real mental battle! As I belayed Jamie and Hamish up the pitch, we were listening to the sound of avalanches ripping down the Coire to either side of us. We were safe, due to our route choice, but as the light faded and Jamie set of on the second pitch, there was an ominous feeling from the booming ruckus in the darkness, from snow ripping down the gully lines off in the distance. Once safely back at the bags it was big smiles and tired arms all round! What an adventure!”

Boswell has a long list of bold ascents to his name, including the first ever onsight of a grade X 10 with The Greatest Show on Earth on Cul Mor with Guy Robertson; the first ascent of Powerdab D13 as the hardest drytool route in England; the first ascent of Frankenstein D13 as the hardest drytool route in Scotland; and ascents of Illuminati M11+ WI6+, Val Lunga Messiah X 10 265m, Banana Wall XII 12 FA and more. In Canada, he made the first onsight of the 50-metre Victoria’s Secret Variation M7++ on the Stanley Headwall, and onsighted Rocket Man, the 350-metre VI M7+ WI5+ on Mount Patterson.