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Sean McColl Crushing in California

Sean McColl is currently climbing in Bishop, where he has already sent a number of hard bouldering problems.

A day after arriving, McColl sent Buttermilker V13 and two days later sent Direct North V14, it was his fourth V14 of the year.

McColl turned his attention to the famous Evilotion and sent both the original and direct at V12. He then sent Rastaman Vibration V12.

McColl is now projecting Lucid Dreaming V15, of which he said, “Very surprised to have done the jump move to the crimp in a few tries. I did it to the top (starting from the pinch and undercling) for good measure and also to gauge the slab.

“I did the first couple of moves, but haven’t stuck the glassy pinch move just yet. This Boulder has a bit of everything: power, crimps, a tiny pinch, a jump, a slab and throw in a 20-metre top-out for good measure. It’s been a while since I’ve been really excited by a boulder or climb, but this line is pretty cool.”