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Sean McColl and Mike Doyle Send Tom et Je Ris, Classic 5.14

Canadians Sean McColl, Mike Doyle and Vikki Weldon are currently climbing in Verdon, France. Over the past week, they have been busy exploring the Verdon. Together, the three senders climbed the 300-metre 5.12 called Alex, punk de Vergons. McColl was the first to send Tom et Je Ris 5.14a, followed a day later by his climbing coach Doyle.

Doyle wrote about Tom et Je Ris in his story Dream Routes, which was published in the current issue Gripped magazine. In the article, he said, “The first time I was exposed to Tom et Je Ris was when I saw a photo from Simon Carter of Monique Forestier reaching between perfect tufas, high above a forest.” Below are photos of Doyle, McColl and Weldon on the dream route.

I've thought about 'Tom et Je Ris' a lot over the last few years. It is a dream route of mine. These tufas just seemed too perfect in the photos and I really wanted to try this route. About a year ago Vikki (@vikkiweldon) discussed making a trip to the Verdon to try this route and sample the classic multi-pitch options available. It wasn't until a month ago that I was sure I'd be able to go and I'm really happy I did. The route is as good as it looks and even more adventurous/involved. I will admit I was scared trying it the first few times but yesterday I managed to redpoint it. What an experience!!! Plus we've already sampled some classic multi-pitch routes!! More to come for sure. #climbing #rockclimbing #grippedmagazine #verdondreaming #dreamroute #workclimbrepeat @lasportivana @metoliusclimbing @blurr_stuff @rhinoskinsolutions

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