Sebastian Pacey-Smith had a big April in Nova Scotia, sending a number of the Maritime province’s hardest problems.

In the short video below by Krista deMolito, Pacey-Smith sends Kodiak V13/14 (seconnd ascent), Grizzly V12, Phase III V11, Kleos V11, Papa Bear V11, Carbosaurus V11, Double Crossed V10 and Resurrection V9 (flash).

Pacey-Smith on Kleos V11.

Pacey-Smith currently lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick. “His goal this summer is to repeat all of Nova Scotia’s hardest boulder problems and is already a third through achieving this goal after April alone,” said deMolitor.

In 2016, Pacey-Smith sent Slam Piece 5.13d, New Brunswick’s hardest climb to date. He is currently working on a 5.14 project on the east coast.

“These clips have been sped up ever so slightly to decrease the length of the video,” said deMolitor.

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