Calgary-based Bonar McCallum made the second ascent of one of the Rockies burlier 5.14s on July 25, 2014.

McCallum sent Bone Thief Extension which is a longer, more technical add-on of the route Bone Thief in Echo Canyon above Canmore. It is the only 5.14 at the Lookout and until this week only had one ascent by Derek Galloway.

McCallum, who turned 48 in May, made the route his project after starting work on it last summer. It is his first 5.14.

Josh Muller, one of Canada’s strongest boulderers said, “McCallum is one of the hardest working people I know. I spent all winter training with him and he never lost focus, was always up for more and pushed me harder than pretty much anyone else. His involvement and dedication to climbing is incredible.”

McCallum worked Bone Thief Extension starting last summer, but couldn’t link many of the moves.

The route has a V10 problem right off the 5.12+ chains of Bone Thief. Then it moves into some hard but easier climbing then links into the top of Buffet Royal 5.13+. “I got on it last year and did all the moves but knew I had no chance of sending it without 50-metre endurance,” said Muller. “Super cool line and hard as nails.”

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Bonar McCallum after his first 5.14 Photo Lea Juszkiewicz



  • Wes says:

    This doesn’t surprise me about Bonar. He and I were high school classmates in Kenya. When we were about 16 we went with a group of fellow school mates up Kilimanjaro. While it was not a technical climb the altitude made the walk very demanding. We were warned about the dangers of pulmonary edema and were told that if that occurred we should notify an adult and we would be rushed to a safe altitude immediately. When Bonar’s lips turned bluish one of our sponsors ordered him to spit to check for signs of blood. He spat as ordered but covered up the blood by kicking the ground with his shoe. He made it to the top of Kibo.