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See Number of Climbers on Yosemite Walls

A new Instagram account by the park rangers tracks the number of climbers starting up popular routes everyday

The Yosemite climbing rangers have started a new Instagram account where climbers can see how many climbers are starting up Yosemite routes every day. The information is based on the number of climbers who’ve received a wilderness climbing permit.

“This is a valuable tool to see how busy popular routes in Yosemite are,” the rangers said. “Daily updated posts will have information for yesterday, today and tomorrow. The more community buy-in that we have for the self-registration permits, the more accurate the data we can share with the people will be.”

Yosemite National Park has said that all climbers staying overnight on big wall climbs in Yosemite must have a wilderness climbing permit. If you are doing a day climb, you don’t need a wilderness climbing permit.

“Permits are issued using a 24-hour self-registration kiosk at El Cap meadow located right by the shuttle stop,” notes the rangers. With a permit, climbers can bivouac on any vertical cliff, face, or wall in Yosemite provided that they are at least one pitch off the ground on a route that is Grade V or higher. Follow along below.

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