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Sharma Projecting New 5.15 and Sends Classic 5.14d

The 41-year-old 5.15 climber began working on a hard new project in 2021, but took a break to tick La Reina Mora

Chris Sharma has climbed the classic Siurana 5.14d called La Reina Mora as he continues to project one of the hardest climbs that he’s attempted lately. La Reina Mora was first climbed by Ramón Julián Puigblanque and shares some bolts with La Rambla 5.15a.

“As I battle it out on my main project Sleeping Lion these days, I’ve also enjoyed climbing on this iconic route nearby,” Sharma said about his repeat of Mora. He began working on his project in 2021 and thinks the grade will be around 5.15b. Sleeping Lion is located on the wall across from  La Rambla and La Reina Mora and follows a line on a section of rock with no route within 40 metres. Watch him project Sleeping Lion below.

Sharma was born in California in 1981 and started climbing at the age of 12. He won the National Bouldering Championship at 14 and just a year later made the first ascent of Necessary Evil 5.14c, the first route of this grade in the U.S.A. In 2001, he made the first ascent of a project in Ceuse dubbed Biographie; which he officially called Realization – it was the first climb to ever be graded 5.15a. Routes climbed in the 1990s have since been upgraded to 5.15a.

Sharma has been featured in dozens of films over the past 25 years, but one of the most iconic is Rampage, which you can watch below.

Sharma’s Hardest Sends

La Dura Dura – 5.15c Second Ascent
El Bon Combat – 5.15b/c First ascent
Jumbo Love – 5.15b First ascent
Golpe de Estado – 5.15b First ascent
Neanderthal – 5.15b First ascent
First Round First Minute – 5.15b First ascent
Fight or Flight – 5.15b First ascent
Stoking the Fire – 5.15b First ascent
Realization – 5.15a First ascent
Papichulo – 5.15a First ascent
Demencia Senil – 5.15a First ascent
Pachamama – 5.15a First ascent
Power Inverter – 5.15a First ascent
Catxasa – 5.15a First ascent
La Rambla – 5.15a
Dreamcatcher – 5.14d First ascent
Era Vella – 5.14d First ascent
Alasha – 5.15b DWS First ascent
Es Pontàs – 5.15b DWS First ascent
Practice of the Wild – V15 First ascent
Witness the Fitness – V15 First ascent
Catalan Witness the Fitness – V15 First ascent