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Sherpas Missing After Everest Avalanche

A breaking serac triggered a massive avalanche that buried at least three climbers

A massive avalanche caused by a breaking serac has buried at least three climbers: Da Chhiree Sherpa, Lakpa Tendi Sherpa, and Lakpa Rita Sherpa. They were travelling through the Khumbu Icefall when the avalanche fell, according to Lakpa Norbu Sherpa, the Himalayan Rescue Association coordinator.

Lakpa T. Sherpa shared a video showing the avalanche which started on the West Shoulder before reaching the ice glacier below. Helicopters have been searching for the climbers, but Lakpa Norbu said that hope is fading as Chhiree Sherpa, Tendi Sherpa and Rita Sherpa are under several metres of debris.

The Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee established a route through the Khumbu Icefall to camp two at 6,400 metres at the start of April. Fixing ropes from camp two to the summit of Everest is the responsibility of Imagine Nepal. There has yet to be confirmation that the three missing climbers were with Imagine Nepal.

The Khumbu Icefall has long been a dangerous place on Everest with several fatalities happening over the past few decades. Foreigners began to reach Everest base camp this week in preparation to attempt Everest this spring.