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Sister Power! The Frangos Twins

Becca and Sara Frangos are Sisters, Friends, Climbing Partners and Competition Climbers from Canmore

Becca and Sara are twins born in the fall of 1997. They grew up and live in Canmore, Alberta. When they were nine years old their parents, Steve and Monica, enrolled them in summer camp at the V’Sion Climbing Gym in Canmore. “I remember looking through the booklet of camps over the summer with my mom and I saw the climbing camp and decided I wanted to try it. Even though I was not a natural I was hooked since the moment I reached the top of the wall.” says Becca. The V’Sion was owned and operated by Dung Nguyen, the coach of the Youth National Team.

When the girls were 12 they began their competition career. They have competed all around the world “What I enjoy the most about competing is the feeling I get when I am on the wall. I get this feeling inside me, like I can escape from everyday life and just climb without having to worry about anything. When I get into this zone I feel unstoppable. Anther aspect that I love about competing is where it takes you around the world and all the incredible and talented athletes I meet along the way. I realize that climbing is categorized as an individual sport but everyone is so supportive of each other at competitions. It really seems like we are all one giant team supporting each other along the way!” says Becca.

This year Sara made the Youth National Team and said “I’ve been training my butt off for such a long time, dreaming of the day this opportunity would finally come. I found that over the last two years I was focusing so much on the end result (National Team) that I wasn’t enjoying the process. What really clicked with me this year was taking everything I have learned from competition climbing, and training and just had fun with it; enjoying every competition, every route and every move.”

Along with indoor competition climbing the girls have climbed at classic crags in Spain, Italy, Thailand and the USA. Sara has climbed 5.12d sport routes outside and 5.13b inside and Becca has sent a 5.13a called S.O.S at Red Rocks and a V9 at Cathedral in British Columbia.

Becca says the climbers who inspire her are Vikki and Stacey Weldon. “They climb so hard and they crush at all the competitions. Also their bubbly personalities are contagious. They are both good role models especially for all the young female climbers like me! I am stoked to see that Stacey is one of the five Youth National Team coaches this year.”

“I can tell the twins have lots of ambition and determination; above all they have the discipline to reach their goals. Becca being shorter than her sister, her asset is her climbing intuition; this gives her the opportunity to qualify for the national team two years in a row. For Sara it was only matter of time. The twin’s secret is they are both hard workers and highly self motivated. Their success also comes from their parents dedication, generosity and commitment. Steve Frangos and Monika Helbig are role models as parents who support their children and organized sports. They will do anything they can to support girls where ever they are motivated. They even built a ‘shed’ climbing wall in their backyard so the girls can train in the morning before heading to school and again after their homework.” Said Nguyen.

Check out Becca’s blog here: http://beccafrangos.blogspot.ca/

Becca in Red Rocks  Photo Steve Frangos

Sara Competing in Victoria    Photo Victoria Times

Becca Competing in 2012   Photo: Pam Eveleigh

Sara Climbing in Thailand  Photo Steve Frangos