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Squamish Access Society Updates Climbers During Covid-19

Climbing is still discouraged during the global pandemic as B.C. is making steps to containing the spread of covid-19

Editor’s note: The following is a press release on social media from Squamish Access Society (SAS).

Dear Squamish Climbers, We at SAS are hard at work trying to stay informed on the current situation with Covid-19. This is a process that unfolds daily and can be incredibly difficult to interpret.

As provincial guidelines replace the emergency measures we will be considering strategies, in consultation with our local land managers, to reach consensus on how we will approach an eventual return to climbing.

What was initially a response to minimize the impact on our local healthcare systems has evolved into a broader discussion that includes the health and safety of park staff as well as the additional pressures that recreational tourism can put on smaller communities.

For some, this is a time of grief. For others, it is a time for reflection. In either case, this is a time of great challenge and requires us to continually adapt our behaviours within a rapidly changing environment.

We at SAS are grateful to have the opportunity to carry the conversation forward in these times and to continue advocating for the stewardship of our climbing areas. We would like to recognize the community for your consideration of others, and for your continued support.

We really hope to see you out on the rocks in the coming months!

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❤️Thank you for not climbing🙌#squamishclimbers❤️ . We never thought we would have to say that!! . Although we’re not through this yet, all of us at #squamishaccess would like to express our deepest gratitude to the community, for your continued understanding during the #covid19 pandemic. . We are so proud to be apart of a community that puts others needs before their own, we feel confident that with a group of monkeys like you, we can get through anything! . With this in mind we hope everyone is staying healthy in body and mind + finding ways to adapt to the changes. 🙏 . In the mean time, what do you want to see from us??!? . More climbing content? Less climbing content?? More birds?? More history??? leave a note in the comments👇👇

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