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Squamish Climbing Facebook Changes Name to Discourage It

Climbers are discouraged from travelling right now, stay home and train

Climbing towns don’t want you to visit right now due to the coronavirus outbreak. As the nation comes to grips with the current covid-19 situation, one message is clear: “stay home.”

Everyone needs to practice social distancing to help “flatten the curve” so health officials can try to contain the outbreak. The Squamish rock climbing Facebook page, which has over 11,000 members, has changed it’s name to: “(Don’t do any) Squamish Rock Climbing (because you’ll spread covid-19)“.

The page description now reads: “As the name suggests, it’s all about not rock climbing in Squamish, because you will spread covid-19. Do not travel to Squamish, do not travel anywhere.”

Due to the chance of injury and possibly spreading the virus by sharing climbing gear or even on climbing holds outdoors, climbers are being asked to be extra careful, wash hands, keep your distance and climb with extreme safety. Any injury could put an unnecessary strain on the health system. We are providing daily training routines here to keep everyone motivated to train at home.