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Squamish Indoor Comp Results and Photos

The first-ever competition to take place at the new Ground Up in Squamish went down on Jan. 9. 

Familiar faces from the Tour de Bloc and CEC comp circuits took part at the gym’s inaugural event. Elan Jonas-McRae, who has been busy sending hard bouldering problems, came up with the win for the men.

Likewise, Allanah Yip, who has been climbing boulders down south, won for the women. For more on Ground Up, visit here.

Male Open / Female Open

1. Elan Jonas-McRae / Alannah Yip
2. Tim Catcher / Tiffany Melius
3. Kyle Murdoch / Sophie Buitendyk
4. Jesse Taplin / Allison Stewart Patterson
5. Tristen Gosselin / Maria CelKova
6. Tosh Sherkat / Thomasina Pidgeon
7. Kin Wah Lai / Mika Hosoi
8. Braden McCrea / Hannah Block

Here are five photos from the dozens taken by the talented Carin Smolinski Photography. For more photos from the collection, visit here.

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