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Squamish New Routing Continues With 5.12 on Apron

Jeremy Blumel has made the first ascent of a new 5.12 on the Apron in Squamish called The Pegboard.

Evan Stevens first imagined the line that is next to St. Vitus Dance back in 2010. Stevens noted after, “A steep new 5.12 crack in Squamish on the Apron of all places? Jeremy puts to bed an old project of mine that I cleaned up seven years ago.

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“Positive and locker fingers with no feet on a slow rising traverse gets you good and pumped. And being only a few pitches up means you can get Jer back for dad duty before 11 a.m.

“Name and grade? We were leaning toward The Pegboard and the grade is somewhere in the 5.12 range. All gear with lots of finger stuff.”