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Stefano Ghisolfi Making Progress on Silence 5.15d

As one of the world's hardest sport climbs, a repeat would be nearly as monumental as the first ascent

On Sept. 3, 2017, Adam Ondra made history when he made the first ascent of Silence 5.15d in Norway’s Hanshelleren Cave. It’s been five years and few climbers have put in any real effort on the steep test-piece.

In August, Stefano Ghisolfi travelled back to Norway to project Silence. Two years ago, he made the second ascent of Change 5.15c, another of Ondra’s first ascents. And last year, he repeated and downgraded Alex Megos’s Bibliographie from 5.15d to 5.15c.

Ghisolfi has been working on Silence for about a week now and recently updated everyone about his progress: “Now that I was able to climb the second crux of Silence, it is time to focus on crux 1 which, as you probably know, it is the hardest of the route. The hardest crux of the hardest route in the world, how bad can it be?”

Can Ghisolfi repeat Ondra’s Silence? And if so, will it be using the same beta or will he find his own way through the many crux boulder problems. Watch his first attempts below.

Silence Projecting