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Stiff Alpine Line on Mount MOG Goes Free in Rockies

Jon Walsh and Quentin Lindfield-Roberts have made the second ascent of The Owens/Walsh route on Mount MOG.

In October of 2007, Rob Owens and Eamonn Walsh made the first ascent of the IV+ M6+ A1 on a previously unclimbed peak, which they named Mount MOG.

The steep route had gone 11 years without a second ascent, a route which Walsh said is one of the best lines he’s climbed. He and Lindfield-Roberts made the first free ascent.

“Quentin and I did the second ascent yesterday and I’d have to say this is one of the best mixed routes I’ve ever done,” said Walsh.

“It was about 12 super fun pitches with loads of simul-climbing, considerably more ice than on the first ascent and loads of incredible névé in all the right places.”

“It also went free at M6+. The trail is in now, so get it while the getting is good, this one is an October special.”

In the fall of 2007, Owens established three bold mixed routes, running out difficult rock sections between ice: No Use in Crying IV M7, Zeitgeist IV+ M7- WI5R and The Owens/Walsh.

On the same day that The Owens/Walsh got a second ascent, Zeitgeist got a second ascent by Michelle Kadatz and Peter Hoang. See here for more on their climb.

The Owens/Walsh on Mount MOG