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Success, Death and Records on Everest

A sixth climber has died on the world's highest peak, as many others find success on Everest

With a record number of climbers hoping to reach the summit of Everest this year, it’s no surprise that there’s been rescues and even fatalities. In all the chaos, the first climber from Cuba, Yandy Martinez Nunez, has reached the top.

The six deaths on Everest so far can be attributed to altitude sickness and objective hazards. This week, Victor Brinza from Moldova died at camp four, tho there’s little information yet as to what happened or whether or not he summited. He’s the sixth climber to die on Everest this year, with the others being Phurba Sherpa, American John Sugarman and three Nepali climbers who died in a serac fall.

Dipendra Singh Khatri, who was climbing with the Nepal Army Expedition, was successfully rescued after reaching the summit. Another, more high profile rescue, took place on the nearby Dhaulagiri. Carlos Soria, an 84-year-old who spent many seasons in the Himalayas, was being assisted down from 7,700 metres after making a summit push.

Nepalese mountain guide, Kami Rita Sherpa, climbed Everest for a record 27th time on Wednesday, beating his own record. U.K. climber Kenton Cool also broke his record for the most summits by a foreign climber with 17.