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Success for Slawinski and Welsted on K6 West (7040m)

In the Spirit of Alpinism, Rockies Climbers Ian Welsted and Raphael Slawinski Climb in Alpine Style to Stand at 7040m,

K6 West with the assumed route, the line has not been confirmed Photo Slawinki Topo Janusz Kurczab

Raphael SÅ‚awinski and Ian Welsted have reached the top of K6 West (7040m) via the NW Face, in K6 massif, on July 28th.It took them two days (not confirmed) to reach the summit. K6 (7278m) peak was first ascended by four Austrians in 1971. In 2007, Marko Prezelj, Steve House and Vince Anderson had to abort their K6 West (7040m) attempt without success, due to excessive snow and bad weather.

The expedition began in June, during the Nanga Parbat massacre (see link below). They continued on to Skardu and eventually K6 West. The expedition was sponsored by the Lyman Spitzer and Mugs Stump Awards. The climbers are expected back in Skardu this week, more details to come when they return from their Himalayan journey.

Welsted and Slawinski in Pakistan on the summit after the FA of Khani Basa Sar, 6440 metres, during a previous expedition.

Photo Ian Welsted Slawinski, the Indus River and Skardu. Photo Ian Welsted




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