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The 2015 European Championships Results

The European Championships took place in Innsbruck, Austria this weekend and it was a fantastic competition.

In front of thousands of spectators and under clear, crisp skies, competitors from across Europe gave their best to make it to the podium.

In the end, it was Jan Hojer for the men and Juliane Wurm for the women who took top spot. Much like top climbers Anna Stohr and Kilian Fischuber, Hojer and Wurm have been a couple for some time and are also two of Europe’s strongest outdoor boulderers.

Watch the Finals Here

In second for the men was Adam Ondra who, like in 2014, he was pulled off a route by a judge and the start-over resulted in a loss of points. In third, Stefan Scarperi, who was trailing in last, nabbed third place after he became the only man to top problem three. Full men’s results here.

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Adam Ondra, Jan Hojer  and Stefan Scarperi Photo IFSC

For the women, the always strong Anna Stohr took second place and Katharina Saurwin finished in third. Full women’s results here.

Anna Stohr, Juliane Wurm and Katharina Saurwin  Photo IFSC