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The 2015 Golden Scrub Brush Awards

The Golden Scrub Brush Awards have been announced for 2015 after a community gathering in Squamish.

Chris Small is the Squamish Access Society (SAS) director at large and has been an important member of the Golden Scrub Brush team.

“Special Congratulations to our Fellowship of Golden Scrub Brush Inductees, Jim Sinclair, John Howe, and Alan (Hevy Duty) Stevenson,” said Small during the annual event presented by the SAS.

A Golden Scrub Brush Award
A Golden Scrub Brush Award

Category Winners:

Moderate Sport: The Glass Slipper 5.10d at Quercus Wall, Murrin Park. First Ascent by Emilisa Frirdich in 2012.

Hard Trad Single Pitch: Headbangers in Leather 5.11+ at the Topshelf. First Ascent by J. Redden in 2013.

Hard Sport Route: Queen Bee 5.13d at Tenderfoot in the Paradise Valley. First Ascent by S. Hughes in 2015.

Moderate Trad Multipitch: The Butt Face 5.9 on Squamish Buttress on The Chief. First Ascent by Sonnie Trotter, Ben Moon and Lydia Zamorano in 2010.

Retroscrub or Rescrub: Skywalker 5.8 at Shannon Falls. Rescrubbed by Jeremy Frimer and Friends in 2011.

Contributing Boulderer: Ryan Davy

Moderate Trad Single Pitch: Stein Line 5.10d at the Longhouse. First Ascent by C. Long in 2012.

Hard Multipitch: The Daily Universe 5.12c on the Sherriff’s Badge. First Ascent by Tony McLane, Jorge Ackermann in 2015.

New Crag or Area: The Longhouse by C. Long, C. Moorhead and others.

Route Name: David Hasselhoffwidth 5.10 + at the Topshelf by J. Redden in 2014.

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