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The Chief, Skaha and Murrin Park Open on May 14

Rock climbers will be happy the parks are open, but the weather might keep them from roping up

Many B.C. parks are opening on May 14, including The Chief, Murrin Park and Skaha for rock climbing. Unfortunately for long weekenders, the forecast is calling for a lot of rain. However, you can still head to the parks for a hike and to check out some future projects. See what parks are open here. The Chief is open to climbing with restrictions to parking, as is Murrin.

“Skaha Park Watch will be on site,” said Rolf Rybak with Climbers Access Society of BC, “please contribute but respect social distancing.” For more on Skaha Park Watch see here.

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SAS has been communicating with B.C. Parks to clarify the current closures and their impacts on climbing. AS OF MAY 14th: RESTRICTIONS: SHANNON FALLS • Full closure • Affects popular climbs like Klahanie Crack and Skywalker as well as the Papoose. CHIEF • The Backside/Three peaks trail is entirely closed and there is no exception for descending climbers. BC parks staff are currently figuring out a way to mitigate traffic before allowing it to open, please be patient and respect the closure, we will keep you updated when this changes. • Parking @ apron lot only MURRIN: • Parking @ 50% capacity At all BC Parks there will be no toilet paper or hand sanitizer provided in bathrooms. Bring your own and help keep facilities clean and sanitary. Remember if you’re considering climbing to follow the directives from the Provincial Government and BC Health. SAS has created guidelines to help climbers interpret and apply the directives to their outdoor activities and they are available on our social media channels and website.

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The Parks

The parks will be open on Thursday, ahead of the weekend, but they’ll be available for day use only. June 1 has been set as a tentative date for camping. Certain facilities will be closed, but some visitor centres, nature houses and concession buildings, playgrounds, hot springs, halls and picnic shelters will be open only on a case-by-case basis. Beaches, trails, picnic areas, washrooms and boat launches will be available.

Squamish weather May 13 to 20

Alberta parks are open to climbing, Ontario parks are open but not to climbing, Yukon parks are mostly closed, Quebec parks are mostly closed and Maritime parks are mostly open to climbing. The Ontario Alliance of Climbers said; “Climbing is not currently permitted in these spaces, but they will be open for walk-through enjoyment. Please respect the restrictions on recreation uses to ensure these areas remain open to visitors.”

B.C. Parks Message on Covid