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The Massive North Face of Changabang Repeated

On the north face of Changabang / watch below

French climbers Léo Billon, Sébastien Moatti and Sébastien Ratel repeated the north face of Changabang (6,864 m) from May 11 to May 13 in the Garhwal Himalaya in India.

The three strong alpinists climbed the massive wall in only three days, the fastest anyone has made an ascent.

They climbed 40 pitches at M6 A1 over 1,200 metres up granite, ice and snow.

They climbed a combination of two routes, one being the 1997 first ascent of the face by Andy Cave and Brendan Murphy.

Murphy died on the descent in an avalanche, he was one the best big mountain climbers at the time.

Andy Perkins said after, ““Climbed in pure alpine style, it epitomised his approach to mountaineering and the character traits demanded by such an outrageous route, climbed in weather conditions that could only be described as character building. It will remain as a monument to one of the finest mountaineers of the last decade.”

Watch some of the 2018 climb below.